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All I can say is WOW!
Super fast service, he went above and beyond to get my 2 clocks working properly.
Very nice gentleman, and was a pleasure to do business with!
I highly recommend !
Thank you so much David!!
Cant thank David enough his help after all these months of trying to get sorted was amazing cant thank you enough.
Ready now for my daughters 40th birthday thank you so much x
Cant thank you enough David
2 other click guys have have it for 10..12 weeks an had no idea what to do with it.

It's now working again and ready for her 40th Birthday.
Thank you your amazing
I cannot praise David enough for the help he has provided me. Step by step on how to fix my Sylvester and tweety clock from completely not working to perfect working order, he stayed on the phone for longer to make sure it was working and even provided cleaning tips, which it now looks brand new. Honest, patient and 100% pure kindness! Highly recommended.
Sarah Frazzitta-Sciacca 22nd May 2021 15:43
David was an absolute gem. He walked us through on the phone and helped us fix our clock. Step by step, very knowledgeable, patient and responsive to our emails. Worked diligently to make sure that our clock was working and set correctly before ending our call. Would highly recommend him in a heartbeat!!
Omg! I have my clock back and it’s like new. David is such a lovely guy. He is so knowledgeable and the service you get is second to none. He even helped me set it up over the phone. So very happy. Highly recommend him
Just spoke to David over the phone, and he talked me through how to fix my Sylvester and tweety pie clock. Myself. What a lovely lovely man, who really knows what he's talking about. From it not doing anything, he talked me through how to fix it, and now it's working perfectly. I cannot recommend him enough. Thank you again David. If It ever goes wrong again, you'll be the first person I get in touch with ?
Hi David

What an absolute star. When I called your number, I did not really expect you to answer after hours on a Sunday although I did hope you would! Our dads clock has not worked for many many years, family legend has it that one of the grandchildren grabbed tweety pie and he stopped talking, retreating into his clock never to emerge again. Your knowledge is astounding and the way you talked me through reseting the clock was very clear and cleverly. Thanks again, you have made an entire family happy. I cannot wait until dad sees his clock and the new grandkids take a peek!
All I can say Is just Brilliant , my wife had a sylvester and tweety pie animated clock that has not worked for years , i got in touch with David and sent it down to him , he had it working cleaned and serviced and within three days it was back with us all looking new again , after receiving the clock back we had problems getting it going again so rang David and within 5 minutes it was up and working , we highly recommend this gentleman highly rated as a trusted trader and very friendly to talk to , once again much appreciated for the work David does a BIG THANK YOU
David is amazing! I was going to sell my tweety pie clock for parts and when I was looking to see what fair pricing was for it, I found his webpage. I sent David an email and he immediately responded with very clear instructions of what to do. I followed his guidance and my clock is working perfectly now!! I am over the moon happy! Thank you so much David, you revived a cherished childhood memory of my grandparents. Thank you for doing what you do to help others!
Thank you David for your time and help getting my 2001 Tweety & Sylvester clock back up and running again. You was fast and very helpful on making what seem to be a night mare into a very Happy day. Thank again you are the man when it comes to these clocks.
I had presented my sweetheart the Sylvester-Tweety pie clock early in our relationship. It was a cherished part of her teddy bear studio, but stopped working maybe 4 years ago. She would not let me replace that one with the sentiment attached. On a whim, I searched the internet, found David, and sent a request to ship him the clock. The same day David sent me a long email with instructions to attempt a "reboot" of the clock before I sent it to him. Did the procedure at breakfast with sweetheart, clock worked immediately.
After reading the reviews, I can add little to comments of admiration for David. Our world is much better place with him. Thank you David.
David is a awesome person who really delivers ,this guy is the real deal, you can't loose with this guy, is a win situation. I've been looking for this amazing tweety and sylvester cuckoo clock for a gift to my wife and !Wow! incredible price ,clock works perfectly, and awsome service ,please don't hesitate to buy from this guy. My wife is happy
David was extremely helpful in helping me get the clock repaired. It belonged to a church member and had been likely jammed by some little fingers. Dave's procedure quickly eliminated the jam and with his instructions I got the time synced. Dave is a wonderful resource and is to be commended for sharing his expertise.
Purchased my clock from David via eBay.
Full instructions were given to me before the clock arrived making the setting up of the clock very easy.

Clock is in excellent condition and keeps time nicely.

Lovely clear sound and movement.

I have had full support from David since I received the clock and I know if anything goes wrong in the years to come, David's help will still be available.

Thank you very much.
There isnt much about these clocks that Dave doesnt know, extremely helpful, fixed mine over the phone !! Not many people that generous around these days it seems. Thanks Dave and good luck
My Sylvester & Tweety clock had not worked for some time. Two Three years at least .In fact i thought it was irreparable . I was fortunate enough a few weeks ago to come across David LLoyds Sale of these clocks on his E-Bay Site and noted he also does repairs. I contacted David and after a short while was assured my clock was in the right hands . Only a week passed and now my clock is back on the wall making its comical comments and gestures as if it had just come out of its brand new box. What a great bloke David is .He even went as far as to send me printed out instructions on how to reset the clock once i got it back. Top man. I would highly recommend David LLoyds services should you have this clock. Im sure he would offer his advice regarding other types of clocks too.
These days, unfortunately there are so many crooks on the internet that you have to watch what you are doing and to be honest, you shouldn't trust anything,or anybody on here,without checking and double checking who they are and what they do . Have NO fear, David is a true professional , a real NICE person and a genuine bloke! If I hadn't been lucky enough to find David on here,I would not have had the Sylvester clock that my disabled wife loved so much, repaired-I had tried over the years and managed to just about keep it going, but parts were missing etc and in truth, I gave up. Then David came into view,he fixed it and sent it back so quickly, sent all instructions and even serviced it, for such a good price (postage only) that I have to say, David is a true, kind real professional , who I would love to count as a real friend. Thank you David for all that you do
Yes, you all know David is a good man. I'm lucky to call him friend. It was in the mid 60's we'd play football or cricket in the park. Big school and life sent us in different directions. Then, a couple of years ago, I saw his name on Facebook. Sadly at the time David lost his cherished wife, Bridget. Is it you David ? I asked. I've found my friend David. So knowledgeable. Wise , his attitude to life is wonderful and kind. I told David that the watch my wife had bought me , before dementia changed our lives, forever, was broken. His instant reply". Send it to me, I'll see what I can do. " he fixed it. No charge ! I sent him chocolate. Recently Timpsons told me price of the Rotary watch parts. I messaged him again, I must repay your costs , I said. He replied, " you was in a bad place and I wanted to make you happy. A measure of the man.
STEPHEN MCNAUGHTON 7th September 2020 22:40
I wanted to thank David for all his help with a clock that we normally do not repair. We are located in the US and normally work on mechanical movements. When a customer dropped off a Sylvester and Tweetypie clock our first response was we do not work with these, but with the persistence of the customer we took it in.
After going over the internet for any information about this clock we came across David. Within a few emails he helped us completely repair this clock. It wasn't a simple repair, it required taking the clock apart and replacing broken pieces. He offered us his many years of experience to get the clock working again.
His passion for what he does goes beyond any that I have seen. He knows this clock inside and out. And when I say he can fix the clock without even seeing it, I mean it.
If you have any questions about David being able to fix your clock, take it from me, as one professional to another I would send him my clock without hesitation.
Thanks again for all the help from Stephen and McNaughton's Clock Repair
David is very gracious, as a fellow Horologist (Clockmaker) located in NZ, I emailed him due to the unique nature of these clocks. Unlike many Clockmakers whom 'scrooge and save' their precious secrets and expertise, David was open, sharing, helpful and extremely gracious in providing suggestions of remedy. Thanks to his help, I found the problem and serviced it, putting the clock back into operation. They are fantastic clocks - no wonder so many people adore them; thanks to the helpfulness of this man, no wonder so many people adore David! The world needs more people in trade like you David. Thank you again.
Many thanks David for repairing, servicing and returning my Tweetypie and Sylvester clock all within a week!
Would highly recommend.
What a lovely man! Thank you David for repairing my Sylvester & Tweety clock in such a super fast time, repaired, serviced and returned within a week!
Would give 10 stars if possible!! Would thoroughly recommend this genuine, friendly person.
David you are now on my Christmas card list!
David seems to have a sixth sense with Tweety Bird clocks, as he managed to assess the problem with my cuckoo clock and fix it to run like new--all over e-mail! Although that should serve as testament enough to the shop's caliber, David was moreover generous with his advice and quick to respond. Like so many others, I am very grateful for his help.
stephen stanley 1st July 2020 09:27
just spoke to the most helpful person ever
my clock was out of sync he talked me through the operation
my clock is now working perfect THANKS ALOT
Thankyou very much David fixed my clock in super fast time now back on the wall all working as like new when it came out the box what a pleasure it has been to meet such a genuine man who does a wonderful service thanks again Andy
David is so very helpful!
You don’t get a lot of genuine people anymore but he’s up there with the best!
Cheers pal.
Your a star
Thank you for repairing my clock, a fast and very friendly service at a very reasonable price. My clock is now work fine and is back on the wall.
David, you are an absolute star! Thank you so much for fixing my clock. You are a genius. Your knowledge for these clocks is outstanding.
Such a kind and friendly service. Nothing is too much trouble. My son is so happy to have his clock back on his wall. I can't thank you enough. ??x
Thanks a lot for your help, thought the clock was beyond repair. But you fixed it really quickly and is now back and doing all it should do.
Really nice to deal with a genuine person, thanks again.
I enjoyed our telephone conversations and I am pleased people like you are still around.
My repaired clock is working very well and I was astounded at the value for money service you provided
Thanks again.
David Thanks a lot for your help, thought the clock was beyond repair. But you fixed it really quickly and is now back and doing all it should do.
Really nice to deal with a genuine person, thanks again
Frank RANDELL 2nd May 2020 12:30
I thought that getting one of these clocks repaired would cost more than a new one if you could find one. Found Davids site and really quickly got the clock repaired at a sensible price.
Thank you David its back on the wall working great.
Davis is an angel!
David emailed me many times talking me thru getting tweety unstuck from the top of the clock.
Then he helped me get the clock working.
Words cannot express how grateful I am for him giving me the guidance to repair my clock.
It only took me 10 years to find him and now my clock finally works again.
Very friendly and thorough!
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
I cannot thank you enough for being an absolute gentleman first and foremost and probably the most reliable person I've come across when it comes to fixing something. I would have probably threw this clock away had i gone to any other other mechanic. I don't think there's anyone else out there that can fix this clock. The kids absolutely love it and thank you very much also.
David is amazing at fixing these tweety clocks. Hes sorted any problems weve had even over the phone. Hes a real gent and you can tell he loves what he does. I feel he as become a friend i can call on if i have a problem. Just wish i lived near him so i could shake his hand. Keep up the good work david??
What an absolute gentleman so lucky to find someone that specialises in repairing these clocks, this clock belonged to my late father and I remember it well growing up and was heartbroken when finding it that it was no longer working. Upon searching the internet hoping to find a solution David popped up, I emailed and had a very quick response. David managed to fix my clock so quickly which I thought was broken forever and I am soo greatful. It now has pride of place in my hallway. My daughter who is only 2 absolutely loves it.
David is great at what he does and I cannot recommend him highly enough.
I bought my Sylvester Tweety Cuckoo Clock on Ebay over 20 years ago. It worked fine for a little over a year and then it just stopped working. I searched in the telephone directory for clock repair shops, found one and talked to the repair person and the first question he asked was, "Is the clock battery operated," and I said "yes." His response was to throw it out ! To me that was not a good answer... I kept my cuckoo clock hanging up on the wall, I did not want to throw it out ! So, about a month ago I tried to again see if I could get it fixed. Took it to a local repair shop and he said he would not be able to get parts for it ! These kind of cuckoo clocks are proprietary and can't find parts... Tweety was getting stuck when trying to come out and hit Sylvester in the head with his hammer. I searched on the internet and found David Lloyd... WOW what a find !!! He probably is the only person in the world that can repair this type of clock. Easy to work with, super fast service and turn around time. The clock works Great now ! David also, gave me some suggestions on rechargeable batteries. I also got a copy of the original operating instructions for this cuckoo clock. David you are the Best ! Also extremely reasonable !!! Thanks again for your help and service !
Stephen Caggiano 7th February 2020 21:18
What can I say !
David is the best ,
My Sylvester clock was dead ,?
After 4 hrs and 2 phone calls to England ,
We are back in business!
If you are in England , say hi to David for me !
Thank you again,
Steve Caggiano
Mass, USA
This is the second time I've used David's services to fix my clock. Each time David has been extremely helpful and friendly. On this occasion I had an issue with the cog being stuck, David replied quickly, provided telephone call advice. As I was unable to fix the clock over the repair, David was very accommodating and saw me at 8am the very next day. I cannot say enough positive words about the service. David is a caring and helpful person, who clearly loves to help people with these clocks to fulfil their enjoyment. I am incredibly grateful to David for his advice on these clocks as the clocks are fantastic!

Thanks again David!
we had a clock years ago it fell of the wall sadly and bits broke internally my dad had the bits saved not Shure if he still got them but I bought him a new one after looking for ages and could not be happier thanks david
Gale O from Southern Illinois, USA 31st January 2020 00:24
I have just received my Sylvester / Tweety clock back from Mr. Lloyd and I want to say he was very patient and helpful trying to walk me through fixing the clock myself, but when I couldn't get it to run correctly, he had me ship it to him and he very quickly (he said 15 minutes) fixed it and sent it back. It is back on my wall running perfectly, something it hasn't done for close to 12 years. Before I found his name on the internet I had taken the clock to someone here in Illinois that worked on Coo Coo clocks but that person said there was no way to fix it because of the plastic inner workings. Well I just googled to see if anyone could fix it and there was Mr. Lloyd and I messaged him and he answered me right away and now have my clock up and running. I highly recommend getting in touch with him if you have a Sylvester/Tweety clock that needs fixing. Can't wait for my Grandkids to see and hear it run. Thanks again David!!!
Amazing! What more can I say! I thought there was no hope for my poor Sylvester and Tweetie pie clock, that was until I found David. I was totally mesmerised at the skill David has with these clocks. I took my clock to his house and he was kind enough to fix it while I waited. Such fantastic service, friendly, knowledge, nothing was too much trouble. I feel so happy and relieved to have my clock working again. It was an absolute pleasure to meet you today David. Thank you so very much.
We have had our tweety pie cuckoo clock for about 15yrs it stopped working after about 5yrs so we bought another. That also lasted about 5yrs and we couldn't find anyone to fix them. I did say l wouldn't buy another because I didn't want to end up with 3 broken clocks. But my husband and son ordered another as a surprise. Unfortunately the delivery man felt fit to drop it over our 8ft gate so it got broken!!! We phoned David to find out who the delivery company was and he said l CAN FIX IT!! So we went to his house where to our surprise and delight he fixed it while we waited AMAZING!! He also fixed the two broken clocks. We are now the proud owners of 3 tweety and Sylvester cuckoo clocks. David is a genius a very clever man a proper gentleman. THANK YOU we are so pleased to have met you..
David did a very good job fixing our Sylvester and tweety bird clock. from beginning to end....I highly recommend David for your clock repair...
My wife (and I) collect Cuckoo Clocks but the one we love the best is our Sylvester and Tweety Pie Clock. We were sad when it stopped working and was sure it was destined for the garbage. We continued to hang it on the wall but it was just another time piece. I happened to come across this facebook page and David was extremely helpful in diagnosing a repair. Unfortunately I just made things worse and we shipped it to David for repair. Well this morning the clock returned and is now back in the coveted spot at the top of our Cuckoo clocks. David, can't thank you enough, the clock means a great deal to my wife and we are extremely appreaciative on having it back working on the wall.???????
After 10 years owning two broken clocks and without any joy finding anyone to fix just one,
(Most wouldn't even take them on) we now have all clocks working.
These clocks are much loved and very unique. If these clocks should break again, I won't heitate to contact Dave and get them fixed again.
I'm more than grateful I found the contact. And I can only reconmend.
SUCCESS! After ten years of hanging on the wall, motionless, I looked everywhere for someone to fix my beloved Tweety and Sylvester clock. No luck locally, but found this website and contacted David via message, describing my clock's symptoms. I expected nothing, but David responded quickly, and provided me text directions for exactly how to free Tweety. Followed directions to the letter, and Tweety is once again producing smiles all around! The Cost? David refused my offers of compensation. This guy is a compassionate genius! Truly made our day, will most definitely pay this one forward. Thank you!
I would like to say a massive thank you to David for repairing my daughters much loved clock.
She was thrilled that it is all better now from the clock Hospital by Dr David.
The service you provide is second to none. I could not believe how fast you not only repaired the clock but serviced it too. It is now back where it should be.
I would highly recommend your ***** service
This service is first class. David is a lovely guy and certainly know the clocks inside out. The care and information is second to none

If you want to purchase or want a repair he is definitely the man for the job.
Thank you David for all your help again

Dave was awesome he got my clock working in seconds highly recommend giving Dave a call for all your clocks needs if I had to rate him I would have to say Dave is above the rating system
Dave was extremely helpful in the directions on how to get my Sylvester and tweety clock back running again. I live in the USA and our contacts were through email. Thanks again Dave.
I bought my first clock in the mid-nineties for my wife who is a huge Tweety fan for $49. She really loves it and as it wore over time, I've tried to buy replacements. I now have four total, and thanks to David, I have three working and one more on the way to him. He helped on several occasions just by sending me simple instructions. There is no doubt he knows the Tweety & Sylvester clocks inside out and is very conscientious. His communications are prompt, courteous, and very professional he is very customer service oriented.
It always pays to read the instructions. I had been stupid enough to ignore the warning about replacing the batteries with Tweety and Sylvester face down and the predicted malfunction did indeed occur! Aaaaagggghhhh! Found this website and emailed David for advice. He could not have been more helpful. All fixed over the phone. Tweety is again chasing Sylvester every hour and - as a bonus - I've got the time announcement in sync with the clock. Many, many thanks. Next time I'm in Northampton I'll be sure to come and pay my respects. Keep up the good work!
what a wonderful man and really helpful , fixed my clock in hours , now fully working am so happy , like other people i searched the internet for someone to fix the clock and came across his site , messaged dave and he was absolutely fantastic could not be more helpful , dropped the clock off within 2 hours was fixed and fully working . hes a totally honest person and going to stay in touch with him , can highly recommend him , so happy found his site , thank you so so much dave .
Suffering Succotash....the canary has landed!....after many years of inaction due to leaky batteries. The cat is able to pursue the little yellow bird once more. Happily he will never succeed ( sorry Sylvester, but stick to cat food from a tin). Thanks to the ingenuity and patience of David, I can recommend him as your first call for an ailing Sylvester and Tweety-Pie clock or for general advice and guidance.
David responded quickly to my initial enquiry. When I spoke to him, he was friendly, charming and enthusiastic. Most of all, David’s knowledge and expertise in these special clocks is impressive. My baby grandson will now have the pleasure of Sylvester and Tweetie Pie passed down by his Auntie Katy. Thank you David.
The best thing I ever did was to check the Sylvester and Tweety Pie clock on eBay and then contact David Lloyd. I have had my clock for 15 years and for around five of those years my Sylvester and Tweety Pie didn't talk because I had left the batteries in the clock when they ran out and even though the clock face worked I thought I would never hear Sylvester and Tweetie Pie again. How wrong I was because on speaking to David, he assured me he would look at my clock and fix it if it was at all possible. Thankfully, he was able to do so within a few days and now I have the clock back on the wall and I am enjoying Sylvester and Tweetie Pie doing their part y pieces and I have David to thank for this. He is very knowledgeable about the clock and is very helpful if I need to get in touch., My son has the same clock and he has sent it to David to fix and within a couple of hours of receiving the clock, David had it working again because his wasn't in a bad state as mine was. My son, like me, is over the moon and I can't thank him enough for his dedication and helpfulness as well as for his expertise. Thank you David, without you I wouldn't have my lovely clock working and giving me a lot of enjoyment.
I absolutely love my Clock I have never been so well taken care of as I have been for David this is the site to go to for any clock needs David went above and beyond to help me now I have a Clock I love it works beautifully mirror things are not nearly enough I feel I have a new friend in the UK
If u need work doing on ur clock them daves ur man he's on my xmas card list now top man good prices as much telephone help as u need
Thx dave
Sibbo from Leicester
Thank you Dave for very good service. You're very kind and helfull person. My daugther is very happy with the clock you repaired. We highly recommend you to anyone. :)
Hi David,
Just spoke to you and would like to say how much I appreciated your quick and brilliant service you gave. The clock are working fine, also Thank you for your hospitality.
David was extremely helpful with a recent purchase. He took the time to explain that there may be a slight delay in dispatching the order and offered to reimburse if it were a problem. He kept me informed at every stage of the process and the purchase arrived with the added surprise of 2 lovely gifts.
I would highly recommend David - not only for the quality of the product but the excellent customer service he provides.
David has got all the time in the world when dealing with his customers and anyone else with a clock problem.
His expertise and professionalism is first class and his customer care when responding to a problem is second to none and I have no hesitation in recommending him not only as a person to help overcome issues that you may have with your timepiece but also as someone who will go out of his way to arrive at a satisfactory outcome.
Thanks David for all your help and support. I now have a wonderfully restored animated wall clock.
I bought this clock off David, he is so friendly he made me feel so comfortable and welcome , he is the nicest person I have met in years , I would recommend David to everyone
Just had my clock refurbished by David and could not recommend him enough. Excellent communication throughout the process and nothing is too much trouble. This guy really loves his job and really cares for your clock.
Even sent my clock back before recieving any money.
5 star service and a genuinely nice fella.
Thanks David, much appreciated.
Thanks for all your help getting my Sylvester animated clocks repaired and mended could not have been more helpful. Nobody could help in my area so glad I found your site you really are
very friendly and more than helpful, I can highly recommend your service and free advice when I needed it. Thanks again.
We tried everywhere to try and repair my brothers Sylvester&Tweetypie clock we didn't know if it was mechanical or something to do with the circuit boards all to no avail, then we looked on the internet to see if there was anyone out there who could help.

We saw David Lloyd's site and I contacted him he replied straight away on text to say he was actually on holiday but would help us when he got back from his break.

My younger brother took it to his business address and low and behold repaired it while my brother waited.

You can't beat that for service, most friendly and helpful and would certainly recommend him, absolutely genuine.
David was not only very helpful & honest man
his knowledge was 1st class
he had my clock & repaired it in a very quick turnaround
I highly recommend David to service/repair your Sylvester & Tweety pie clocks
all I can say Is just Brilliant
I wish him all the best for the future
What an exceedingly helpful man. Helped me and my dad get my clock back to full working order. Excellent com's, nothing was too much trouble. Would highly recommend!! 5 * Thank you again.
Great service very friendly and helpful, would highly recommend
so happy to have this clock on my wall! I have been searching for one, for over 12 years. I found mine, on ebay. I started a conversation with mr. Loydd, very knowledgeable about every aspect of this clock. within a couple weeks, I had mine, on the wall, & have been enjoying it, since November 25- 2017! if you need any advise, or information, on this clock, this is the place to find it! fast, replys to questions, & the friendliest people on this planet! so glad I found this site.

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